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PicoCluster Assembly Instructions

The blog can be found here will all of the instructions. This page acts as an index to the blog to make specific instructions easier to find.

For the most part, all of the assemblies are very similar in construction. The Raspberry PI, ODroid C2, and Rock64 clusters are almost identical, while the Odroid XU4 and Pine64 clusters are somewhat different due to the different board size and layout.

Please contact support@picocluster.com if you encounter any difficulties.

Cluster Assemblies

Pico 3H - RPI4

Pico 5H - RPI4

Pico 10H - RPI4

Pico 3H - Jetson Nano

Pico 5H - Jetson Nano

Pico 10H - Jetson Nano

Pico 20H - Jetson Nano

Pico 3R - Raspberry PI 3

Pico 3S - Raspberry Pi 3

Pico 3H - RockPro64

Pico 5S - Raspberry Pi 3

Pico 5E - Raspberry Pi 3

Pico 5H - Raspberry Pi 3

Pico 5H - Odroid XU4

Pico 5H - RockPro64

Pico 10E - Rock64

Pico 10H - RockPro64

Pico 20E - Raspberry Pi 3

Pico 20H - Odroid XU4

Pico 20H - RockPro64

Pico Uno SSD 8040

Board Stack Assemblies



Raspberry Pi 2 or 3

Raspberry Pi 2 or 3 High Power

Odroid C2

Odroid C2 High Power

Odroid XH4


Pine64 LTS


Rock64 High Power

RockPro64 3 Node

RockPro64 5 Node