RPI4, Jetson Nano and Odroid N2 clusters now availble for pre-order. RPI4 and Jetson Nano orders will start shipping August 24th. RPI3 clusters will still be available at lower cost. See links below.

Jetson Nano

We are currently taking pre-orders for Jetson Nano clusters. The clusters will be very similar to the RockPro64 clusters. We expect that the new designs will be available starting August 15th. Updates will be made on Twitter.

A free PicoCluster T-Shirt will be included with your pre-order. Don't include a T-shirt on your order. We'll reach out to you for a t-shirt size when your order is ready to ship.

The Jetson Nano is a new development board from Nvidia that targeted towards AI and machine learning. It comes with a powerful GPU with 128 CUDA cores and a bunch of software and examples pre-installed to get you started.

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