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  • Makezine

    Posted on March 20 2017

    It’s fun to wake up to an email saying PicoCluster was mentioned in a major international online magazine.  It was even more exciting to follow the link and find they used...

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  • What Exactly is a PicoCluster?

    Posted on March 13 2017

    To answer this question, let’s start at the beginning.  What does the pico in PicoCluster mean?  Pico is actually a scientific measurement based on the metric system.  It means 1...

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  • The Pico 5 - Our 5-node PicoCluster

    Posted on March 13 2017

      The 5-Node PicoCluster is the flagship PicoCluster product.   It has all the necessary features that enable it to duplicate a real data-center environment, but it comes in a tiny...

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  • PicoCluster and Underwater Robotics

    Posted on March 13 2017

    So you think the PicoCluster is a cool idea, but you aren’t quite sure what you would use one for?  Well, the skies the limit for what these clusters can...

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  • 100 Node PicoCluster

    Posted on March 13 2017

    One of our favorite products is the 100-Node PicoCluster!  This super PicoCluster is one of the largest Raspberry Pi 2 clusters in the world.  (We also have  Raspberry Pi3 version!)...

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  • Pico Kits

    Posted on March 13 2017

    In the world of clustered computing there are 2 kinds of people – those who want a complete solution and those who want to build it themselves.  For the past...

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  • PicoCluster and CES2017

    Posted on January 27 2017

    Finally!  We are doing a summary of our experience at CES2017 in Las Vegas, Nevada.  We had many interesting and exciting experiences, a few of which we would like to...

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  • PicoCluster Getting Started Guide

    Posted on December 10 2016

    You've got you PicoCluster up and running, so what's next? You can either plug in a mouse, keyboard, and monitor to use PicoCluster as a desktop computer cluster, or connect...

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  • Tech Geek Project - Dream or Nightmare!

    Posted on November 28 2016

    You have seen the PicoCluster, a personal data center with anywhere from 3-100 nodes utilizing the Raspberry Pi 2 or 3.  You looked at the 5-Node PicoCluster with its price...

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  • The PicoCluster Solution!

    Posted on November 21 2016

    Last month the National Assessment of Educational Progress, or NAEP, released the results of the first ever national test of technology and engineering literacy in the United States.   (See an...

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  • How To Build a Raspberry Pi Cluster

    Posted on November 17 2016

    The most frequent question we hear at PicoCluster is, “How do I build a Raspberry Pi Cluster?”  That’s a tough question to answer since there are many ways to configure...

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  • Big Data and Education

    Posted on October 27 2016

    Do a Google search on Big Data and Education.  Go ahead – I’ll wait for you.  What did you find?  If your search was similar to mine, what you found...

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