We have RPI 3B+, Odroid C2, Odroid XU4, Rock64, and RockPro64 in stock now!

Shipping and International Information

PicoCluster is located in and ships from the United States. About half of our products ships to the US and the other half ship to the rest of the world.

International Shipping is typically provided by DHL International and shipping times are 7-10 days for most countries.

Any VAT, customs, duties, or other importation taxes are the responsibility of the buyer. We can add other information to the invoice to help with this process.

Power supplies for the 3R, 3R, and 5S are US spec and plug into a wall outlet externally.

Power supplies for the other models are internal and can handle from 110V to 240V A/C input. A 3-prong, US spec power supply is provided.

Contact us at support@picocluster.com for questions.