8GB RPI4 are in stock. Order now. We also have Google Coral, ODroid C4, RockPro64, and RockPi 4B+ boards.


RockPro64 is a new board from our friends at Pine64. The RockPro64 is one of the fastest SBC boards available due to a Hex-core processor, Gigabit networking, and USB 3 and 4GB of ram.

PicoCluster takes RockPro64 to the next level by creating clusters or groups of them to demonstrate and teach beginning to very advanced computing principles. We sell clusters of 3, 5, 10 and 20 computers (called nodes), or you can build your own with either our Starter or Advanced kits!

You can use an RockPro64 cluster to run almost any kind of distributed or parallel software. Run your own LAMP cluster, Docker, Kubernetes, Hadoop, ElasticSearch, Cassandra and many others. Also learn languages like Javascript, Java, Pthon, R, and so on. Use for Development, QA, DevOps, or Education.

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