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Pico 5H RockPro64

Based on the Rk3399 hex-core chip, this little powerhouse also has USB 3, USB C, Gigabit ethernet and 4GB of ram per board. This unit reaches a new level of performance for desktop compute cluster.

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Pico 3H XU4

The Pico 3H XU4 is a new entry level model for the XU4, bring the costs to own an XU4 cluster, while providing the power and cooling needed by these powerful boards.

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Marvell Armada MACCHIATObin

Available as a Kit, or with either SingleShot or DoubleShot boards. Based on Marvell Armada quad core A72, up to 16GB Ram, SATA, and 10G Ethernet in a compact, custom designed case!

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