The PicoCluster: Big Data in a Tiny Cube

Data is the lifeblood of any industry.  Finding the tools and trained programmers to collect and manage this data, however, can be very difficult.  Enter the PicoCluster – an unlikely solution to your data problems.


Analytics for your Small Business

A business can only function well if it has access to data:  what sells well;  pricing services or products competitively,  yet still making money; labor costs; etc.  The sooner a business has access to data, the sooner it can make adjustments.  Often, instant access to data can make the difference between success or failure.

A PicoCluster, at about the same price as a regular computer, can bring big data analytics to your small business.  That’s why we call it Big Data in a Tiny Cube.  You can also use a PicoCluster for training, development, prototypes, quality assurance, and other business uses.

The Perfect Learning Platform

PicoCluster is more than just a small, fun computer.  It is a complete package that includes not only the hardware, but the management software and the training and educational materials necessary to help students succeed.  Learning Big Data using the same software used by professionals in a multi-computer environment give students invaluable experience.

PicoCluster provides a great interactive learning environment for students of all ages.  Each node of a PicoCluster can run different software, like Apache, MySQL, and many others, making a 5-node PicoCluster the equivalent of 5 different learning platforms at once.

Another fun perk of a PicoCluster is you can actually see the computers at work.  Lights flash as the different nodes process information.  You can also choose the color of case you want.