About PicoCluster LLC.

PicoCluster is a different kind of learning tool. It is both visual and tactile! You can touch it, hold it, and watch it work, stimulating most of your senses.  Like robotics, when people see a PicoCluster for the first time their eyes light up with excitement.  They can't wait to see what this tiny cube can do.

A PicoCluster is more than just a cute tiny computer.  It is actually made up of clusters of micro computers like Raspberry Pi's or Pine 64's.  These tiny computers are capable of doing many of the same things a tablet, laptop, or desktop computer can do but at a fraction of the price.  By clustering these mini computers together, you open up a whole new world of computing previously limited to expensive and large data centers.

PicoCluster is the only educational tool that can support a wide variety of STEM education applications. Tablets can be easily lost or broken. Laptops and desktops are bulky, and expensive to buy and operate. Beowulf Clusters of traditional computers take up lots of room.  PicoCluster solves all of these problems!

PicoCluster's can act as both a data center or as a collection of 3-20 (or more) computers clustered together in one case.  A PicoCluster is also expandable, with multiple cubes connected together for larger parallel computing jobs or to accomodate additional users.

A Raspberry Pi Cluster operates on Raspian, a Linux-based operating system.  Using Raspberry Pi's, you can access the internet and use most of the resources found there. You can learn computer programming like Python as well as Big Data programs like Hadoop, Spark, or MySQL.  You can also take advantage of the Raspberry Pi forums.

A Pine 64 Clusters offers many of the same benefits as a Raspberry Pi Cluster, but also gives you the option of using Android-based applications.  Since the Pine 64 is a new platform, many of the resources available for the Raspberry Pi aren't yet available for this market.

PicoCluster is perfect for education.  You can purchase kits to build your own Raspberry Pi or Pine 64 cluster.  You can use a PicoCluster to run a lab, for your robotics class, to build a weather station, teach coding and Big Data, even as individual view stations for your microscopes.  And that is just scratching the surface.

Even more exciting, PicoCluster isn't just for education.  Businesses use it for Big Data applications as well as clustered work stations.  Even departments in large businesses with their own data centers find a PicoCluster perfect for training and development projects.  

Home users can benefit from a PicoCluster as well.  With one Raspberry Pi or Pine 64 cluster, you can have a work station for each member of your household.  No more fights over who gets to use the computer for homework.  Design your own entertainment center.  Build a home security system.  Or use your PicoCluster to get ahead at work or at school.