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PicoCluster Buyers Guide

The Guide will help you determine the type of PicoCluster Raspberry PI4 Cluster that will be most useful for you. All clusters can run all PicoCluster software stacks.

PicoCluster Types

Pico Uno - This designation is used for any of our single node versions. They come with a stackable case design and can be clustered using an external switch.
Pico E - The is our Enterprise cluster version. It comes with switching, internal cabling, and internal power supply, front panel switch, and a fan for ventilation.
Pico H - This is our High Power Enterprise version. It is similar to the Enterprise version, but comes with a higher output power supply. The extra power is normally used to power external USB devices.

PicoCluster Kits and Cubes

Starter Kit - This kit contains all components required to build a PicoCluster except the SBC boards or optional micro SD cards for storage.
Advanced Kit - This kit contains everything in the Starter Kit but also contains SBC boards.
Assembled Cube - This is the fully assembled product. In additional to assembly, it is burned in for at least 4 hours.

PicoCluster Feature Matrix

Starter Kit Advanced Kit Assembled Cube
Acrylic case pieces Yes Yes Yes
Fasteners Yes Yes Yes
Cabling and Wiring Yes Yes Yes
PDU (Power Distribution Unit) Yes Yes Yes
Power Supply Yes Yes Yes
Switch(s) Yes Yes Yes
Computer Boards No Yes Yes
Micro SD Cards Optional Optional Optional
Assembly No No Yes


Contact us at support@picocluster.com for questions.