4 new models of RPI5 clusters are available including models with m.2 SSDs and AI boards! We also support a full range of the new Odroid H4 x86 boards. Order now for quick delivery.

Pico 3 - Application Cluster Sets - PicoCluster LLC.

Pico 3 RPI4 - Application Cluster Sets

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To order an ApplicationSet, configure your cluster with no storage, then add one of these options. You do not need to add a storage option for your cluster and add an ApplicationSet.

These are advanced sets of SD card images designed for use in the Pico 3 RPI4. We have pre-configured specific sets of images that are already imaged and tested before shipping. We use only high quality SanDisk class10/UHS1 memory cards.

PicoCluster adds static IP address and ssh keys to the stock OS image.

We currently support Kubernetes/Docker V1.22.4, K3S V1.22.3 and MicroK8s V1.22.x