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Assemble RockPro64 3 Node Board Stack

These instructions show how to assemble a stack of 3 Pine64 RockPro64 boards for your PicoCluster.

Please contact support@picocluster.com if you encounter any difficulties.

Step 1 – Prepare the Boards

Open the packages and apply the heat sinks as shown. Each heat sink comes with a separate backing to apply to the chips, then place the heatsink as shown and push the plastic mounting pins through the board as shown.

Step 2 – Assemble the Board Stack

Start with the 1/2" F/F standoffs on the bottom and the 1.5" M/F standoffs on the top as shown. Once screwed together, then tighten slightly. The standoffs only need to be snug, not wrenched tight together.

Continue to add boards to the stack using the 1.5" M/F standoffs as shown.

There is no PDU for the RockPro64 as it uses a 5V power supply directly.

Power cables are not attached at this stage because there is no PDU. Power will be attached during the Cube assembly stage.

Next Steps – Assemble Your Cube

Move on the the assembly instructions for your RockPro64 Pico 3H cluster cube.


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