3 new models of RPI5 clusters are available including one with m.2 SSDs! Order now for quick delivery. Free shipping included in US for all orders.


Is PicoCluster really enterprise ready? Absolutely!

We have a number of business and enterprise customers throughout the world that are currently experimenting with PicoCluster for development testing and prototyping purposes.

You can purchase a Pico 20 with 20 compute nodes, 80 or more cores, 20GB to 80GB of ram and up to 2.56TB of storage all in a nearly silent desktop form factor that consumes < 100W of total power for less than the cost of a single desktop or rack mount server. That server will consume 350W to 600W of energy and sound like a jet engine in full flight as well.

PicoCluster is SO energy efficient that it will pay for itself in in energy savings alone in just a few months. Compared to AWS EC2 services, again, PicoCluster will pay for itself in just a few months, plus it's yours to keep!

We have enterprise models from 5 to 20 nodes. We even have a special 48 node version for those that need as many nodes as they can get.

We support boards from Raspberry PI, Pine64, Hardkernel as well as the 8040 MacchiatoBIN board from Solid Run/Marvell. The 8040 board sports dual 10G network interfaces, up to 10GB DDR4 ram, and 3 SATA connectors.

Probably the greatest advantage of PicoCluster is that we can pre-configure the application stack that ships with your cluster. This makes PicoCluster the only plug-and-play micro data center in the world!

If you have custom needs or other questions, then please contact us directly at support@picocluster.com. We are the designers and manufactures so we can build to suit.

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