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PicoCluster and Underwater Robotics

Posted on March 13 2017

So you think the PicoCluster is a cool idea, but you aren’t quite sure what you would use one for?  Well, the skies the limit for what these clusters can do!  Nautalis Inc., an underwater robotics team from West Jordan, Utah is using a 3-Node PicoCluster to help with their competition challenges.


Caleb Cameron, in charge of PR and media for the team, said of the PicoCluster: “This thing is awesome!  We can use it to program our temperature probe, use it to run our cameras, keep track of our fundraising efforts, and even surf the web looking for servo motors.”

Cameron Redford, CFO for the team, was so excited when he first saw the PicoCluster he jumped up and down saying, “This thing is incredible!  We’ll be the only team at the regional competition with a computer that looks as cool as our robot!”



“This will simplify many of the jobs we need to do while building our robot,” said CEO Jamison Mitchell.  “We can take notes, send emails, update our Facebook page, program probes and cameras, all using this little tiny cube.  This is much better than the tablet and Raspberry Pi combo we were going to use.”

You can find a Pico 3 on our website at https://www.picocluster.com/collections/pico-3

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