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Data and You

I just read an article put out by DataFloq and it really struck a chord with me.  Perhaps it will make you think just a little bit, too.  The premise of the article is that each of us needs to become an analyst in the workplace.  We need to become involved, ask questions, do research, especially when the information we are presented with just doesn’t seem quite right.

Many of us hesitate to do these things, however.  We accept what we are told or are afraid of stepping on toes if we ask questions.  We don’t want to be involved, especially if our questions might lead to extra work for ourselves or others.  But by hesitating or not acting, we can unwittingly allow problems, sometimes major, to develop.

This quote from the article really stood out to me: “When you ask questions, you become involved. When you become involved, you understand. When you understand, you can change the world.”

I want to be involved, not only at work but at home, with my friends, and with any organization I participate in.  I want those I interact with to know that I am interested in their success.  I want to understand how I can help them.  I want to be a positive change in my world.


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