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100 Node PicoCluster

One of our favorite products is the 100-Node PicoCluster!  This super PicoCluster is one of the largest Raspberry Pi 2 clusters in the world.  (We also have  Raspberry Pi3 version!) That may sound like it takes up a lot of space, but the 100-Node PicoCluster is also physically the smallest 100-node cluster in the world.


About the 100-Node PicoCluster

The 100-Node PicoCluster contains 100 gigs of RAM and 400 processor cores.  It has a total of 250 watts of power.  It comes ready for you to plug in your keyboard, mouse, monitor, and network.  It is your own Personal Data Center, but it’s small enough to fit on your desk.  Because PicoCluster is made up of several physical computers hooked together via a network, it can be used in a variety of ways.

PicoCluster100-5 (2)


The 100-Node PicoCluster Super Cluster is perfect for learning.  You can use the PicoCluster to learn all kinds of IT skills including operations, programming, and quality assurance.  And because the PicoCluster is made up of  multiple physical computers tethered together via a network, you can also learn how to program and use clustered computer systems in a way that no other tool in the world allows.  You can actually see how the cluster operates by watching the network and activity lights as you run multiple Big Data operations all at the same time.

You can use the 100-Node PicoCluster to learn programming for websites, applications, and databases.  You can also use it to learn Big Data software like Spark, HaDoop, ElasticSearch, Docker, Kubernetes, and Spark.  But you aren’t limited to only learning IT skills and Big Data software.  You can also use the 100-Node PicoCluster to do anything a regular computer would do including word processing, running educational software, even game playing.  Installing data and apps is easy as Pi!

PicoCluster 100_node


The 100-Node PicoCluster is great for businesses.  It can be used for operations, quality assurance, and even development.  You can use the PicoCluster for testing and prototyping.  You can do point-and-click installs and run applications in different environments.  You can also use the PicoCluster for algorithm optimization.  PicoCluster is the ideal training platform.  It provides a safe environment for learning without impacting any prodution, test, or development resources.  It is also a real multi-machine environment.  The PicoCluster will run all of the Big Data software, giving your business all the benefits of a large data center at a fraction of the price.  It’s the only 100-node cluster you can buy with only one click!


Learn More About  PicoCluster

The 100-node PicoCluster is designed to meet enterprise standards. It contains built-in switches and ports to connect network, mouse, keyword and monitor. The custom built power distribution board provides a soft-shutdown feature for all of the nodes in the cluster. Visit our website at http://www.picocluster.com to purchase or for more information.  You can also visit our Facebook Page at https://www.facebook.com/PicoCluster or follow @picocluster on Twitter.

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