3 new models of RPI5 clusters are available including one with m.2 SSDs! Order now for quick delivery. Free shipping included in US for all orders.

PicoCluster Raspberry PI4 Cluster

With 5 full nodes of Raspberry PI 3B+ goodness, the Pico 5 is a great place to start working with cluster computing. PicoCluster is a Micro Data Center that sits on your desktop, but draws only 20W of power.

What does it run? PicoCluster runs a standard Raspbian distribution.  It can do anything a standard Raspberry PI can, but much more. Run Docker, Kubernetes, Hadoop, ElasticSearch, Cassandra and many more Big Data and NoSQL applications and Frameworks. In addition, you can set up MySQL clusters or Apache Web Server clusters with a load balancer. Interested in Drupal, why not set up your own Bramble cluster?

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