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Pico Kits

In the world of clustered computing there are 2 kinds of people – those who want a complete solution and those who want to build it themselves.  For the past few months PicoCluster has been focusing on those who want the complete solution.  Until NOW!

Fun in a Tiny Cube

PicoClusters are fun little machines: fun to look at, fun to work with, and now, fun to build!  Needing nothing more than a phillips screw driver and a wrench, you can create your own tiny cube full of blinking lights and distributed computing capabilities.

PicoCluster 5-node 1

Who Wants a PicoKit

Unlike building your own desktop computer, Picokits aren’t just for computer professionals.  Of course, those who work with computers are going to want one.  So are makers, hackers, and Raspberry Pi fans.  But the fun doesn’t stop there!  Schools, teams, and clubs will have fun building their own PicoCluster – and it’s educational, too.  Even better, get a PicoKit to build at home with your daughter or son.


What Comes in a PicoKit


Photo curtsey of Docker Pirates

Each 5-Node PicoCluster Kit includes:

1 @ acrylic case, all parts

1 @  8-port  Gigabit Ethernet switch

1 @ PDU (12V input, 5 @ USB 5V output), including 5 @ microUSB power cords

5 @ RJ45 jumpers for internal network (Raspberry Pi to Ethernet switch)

1 @ RJ45 Female jumper  for external Ethernet port

1 @ HDMI cord with female HDMI port for external connectivity

2 @ USB cords for external connectivity

1 @ 12V power plug for external power

1 @ base mount for Pi tower, including all screws, spacers, nuts & bolts


If you choose to purchase your RaspberryPI 2s from PicoCluster your  kit also includes:

5  @ Raspberry PI 2s

5 @ 16GB SD Cards preloaded with software to get you started

You can also purchase PicoKits for a 3-node cluster.

Visit for more information or to place an order.

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