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PicoCenter 48

$ 4,900.00


Product Details

Welcome to the PicoCenter 48, the future of desktop micro data centers.

With 48 computers, 192 processor cores, 48GB or 96GB ram, 1.5TB or 2TB of storage, 8 gigabit switches, and 2 power supplies all in a 17" x 17" x 7" enclosure, the PicoCenter 48 defines the next generation of desktop sized micro data centers. Total power draw is about 100 watts which makes it extremely energy efficient.

The PicoCenter 48 is available with either Raspberry PI 3s giving 1GB of ram per board and 100m ethernet, or Odroid C2s giving 2GB or ram per board and gigabit ethernet. All boards are provided with heat sinks and only high quality SanDisk microSD cards are used Clusters are burned in before shipment providing a very high quality product.

All clusters are fully configured with either Docker Swarm or Kubernetes providing a developer or devops dream cluster right on the desktop and an incredibly affordable price. Use the PicoCenter to test deployments, application upgrades, or most any kind of distributed or parallel application development including microservices, big data, or nosql frameworks or applications.

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