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NFV PicoPod

$ 1,699.00

SSD Mounts

Product Details

Introducing the NFV PicoPod, purpose built for community OPNFV development. NFV PicoPod is clustered using 6 Marvell MACCHIATObin boards along with a Marvell Prestera DX 14 port, 10GbE switch.

NFV PicoPod supports OpenDataPlane (ODP), Data Plane Development Kit(DPDK), and OpenFastPath(OPF) in addition to OPNFV.

Each option contains 64GB MicroSD cards loaded with the latest OPNFV Danube software release in a pre-configured cluster that is immediately available for use.

The Starter Kit contains all of the components to build the cluster including the switch, but not the MACCIATObin boards. Cluster must be assembled.

The Advanced Kit contains all components for the cluster, but must be assembled.

The Cube is a completed NFV PicoPod shipped as shown.

For custom orders, other payment options, or general questions, contact support@picocluster.com.

Pre-order information: Shipping is expected to occur by the end of September 2017 subject to board and switch availability.

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