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Heatsinks for Raspberry PI 2, PI 3, PI B+ and Pine64 Boards

$ 3.00


Product Details

All PicoCluster Kits and Cubes already come with heatsinks at no extra cost. These sets are available as extras or for your own projects.

Raspberry Pi 2 Pi 3 Adhesive Aluminum Heatsink 3 Piece Set Cooler Cooling. Perfect for Raspberry PI 2 and B+. Essentially necessary on PI 3 for any serious work as they can consume more power than previous versions.

These also work well for Pine64 boards for the CPU and Memory chips, but the ODroid C2 already comes with a large heatsink, so these are not required.

Heatsinks dissipate heat from the vital computer chips helping these boards run faster and last longer. It's a small investment for long term reliability.

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