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PicoCluster Bluetooth Mini Keyboard

$ 25.00


Product Details

Bluetooth Mini Keyboard for PicoCluster! This model connects using Bluetooth and doesn't require a USB dongle freeing up a USB slot. Tested with Raspberry PI, and ODroid C2. Pine64 requires wireless/bluetooth module at extra cost.

Mini Keyboard also has a touchpad to navigate the mouse pointer and left and right mouse buttons. Works very well and is the ultimate in portability!

Connect the Bluetooth keyboard through the UI. Connect a monitor and keyboard/mouse to your PicoCluster and boot it. Once logged int, click the bluetooth menu at the top right corner. Press the bluetooth sync button on the bluetooth keyboard and wait for it to show up in the dropdown list in the UI. Select the bluetooth keyboard in the dropdown and wait for it to connect. Test your bluetooth keyboard for proper operation.


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