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ODroid C2

ODroid is made by Hardkernel, a Korean make of Single Board Computers (SBCs). ODroids tend to be very powerful and are a preferred board for many hackers interested in performance. The ODroid C2 can be more than 2X faster than the Raspberry PI 3 due to the faster clock speed, more and faster memory, and faster networking.

PicoCluster takes Odroid to the next level by creating clusters or groups of them to demonstrate and teach beginning to very advanced computing principles. We sell clusters of 3, 5, 10 and 20 computers (called nodes), or you can build your own with either our Starter or Advanced kits!

You can use an Odroid cluster to run almost any kind of distributed or parallel software. Run your own LAMP cluster, Docker, Kubernetes, Hadoop, ElasticSearch, Cassandra and many others. Also learn languages like Javascript, Java, Pthon, R, and so on. Use for Development, QA, DevOps, or Education.

We utilize the Odroid C2 because of having the same form factor as the Raspberry PI. It comes with a 1.5Ghz quad core ARM CPU, 2GB ram, and Gigabit Ethernet. Our kits should also accommodate the C1+ or other Odroid boards that use the Raspberry PI form factor.

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