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Blinkt! LEDs for PicoCluster

$ 10.00


Product Details

Blinkt! LEDs from Pimoroni, now for PicoCluster! Now it's easy to show the status of your cluster application on each node using these very cool LEDs. Use them to show CPU load, network traffic, CPU temperature, or other application, node or cluster status indicators.

Currently verified with Raspberry PI3 clusters. Includes Pimoroni Blinkt! python libraries with any Application Image set including those purchased with and Kit or Cube. When ordered with a Cube, Blinkt!s will be pre-installed and tested. Each order includes a right angle GPIO adapter for each Blinkt! for easy cluster mounting.

Order one for each node in your cluster.

These do not work on Pine64 or ODroid at the present time. The Blinkt! library needs to be ported over to these systems.

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