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PicoCluster is Education Order Now!

We provide an Educational Platform that can be used in K-12, college, personal and even business. We focus on STEM education including Computer Science, Robotics, Sensors, and Internet of Things (IoT).

PicoCluster is a different kind of learning tool. It is visual and tactile! You can touch it, hold it, and watch it work. Most people understand better when they can interact with working devices. This is one of the reasons that robotics is so interesting. You can see the excitement in peoples eyes when they are able to a have tiny robot respond to and interact with them.

PicoCluster is the only Educational Platform that can support such a wide variety of STEM education. Tablets can be easily lost or broken. Laptops and ChromeBooks are limited, particularly for STEM. Desktops are bulky and expensive to buy and operate. PicoCluster solves all of the problems!

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